DataXsys will help you to promote your business in all different channels. Social Media, Run Campaign, Google AdWords, Facebook, Yelp etc.

We know that each business is different. We take great pride in finding out how we can set you as distinct player in a competitive market and promote your business in unique way.

Getting a negative feedback doesn't mean that your business in not good. We let you focus where it really matter SUCCESS and we create, post and attract new customers for you.

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DataXsys Let you set apart from competition

Brand Activation

Help small entrepreneurs by creating their brand from scratch or rejuvenate existing brand. We have team of professionals who will create multiple different logos for you to decide.

Create Strategic Marketing

We analyze marketing trends for you and then create marketing campaign to target right audience. Facebook, Google Analytics provide indept detail about right audience we use advance reports and market to the right audience.

Social Media

Social Media channels are very easy to use but majority of people don't like to see any ads. We manage your social media accounts and engage consumer by asking interesting question and never let them feel that we are promoting your brand.


People should know who you are and what you do. We help small, Medium and large entrepreneurs by creating attractive campaigns. We use all channels to set you apart from crowd.

Arrange Seminars

Our dedicated teams arrange seminars so that your existing customers as well as new one would be able to understand your product.

Blog Creation

DataXsys have an Expert team of Blog creators who write and post blogs for your company, your product anything you name it.