About Us


A brief introduction about who we are and what we do

Business Intelligence, Web Development Promoting a business and providing customer solution. These are all important factors when it comes to run successful business. These are also the things that DataXsys specialize in.

We have extensive experience of working with Data Analysis, Web Development, Customer care projects and aim to offer our clients excellent software, Customer Care and data consulting services. Our business core values are based on honesty, integrity, intelligence and professional behavior.

Our team of expert consultants possess a valuable combination of technical expertise, business acumen and extensive experience in the field of business intelligence, Data management and Web Development in order to understand and meet our clients’ goals.

Why People Choose Us

As consultants we are deeply invested in the lasting success of our clients.

We help small, medium, and large entrepreneurs to simplify their data problems, web/mobile design-development, improve search engine ranking, promote business and provide customer care solutions.

DataXsys understand the problems small entrepreneurs face especially in information technology sector and for that reason we help them by providing high quality service. We work hard as a team and always focus on QUALITY not QUANTITY.
As a company we foster accelerated professional growth through a diversity of opportunities, and an extraordinary environment.
Always earn trust through honesty, integrity, intelligence and professional behavior.

Return on investment based on our individual services

Based on our past experience DataXsys receive work on following services index 2016/2017

  • Web design 80%

  • Graphic design 90%

  • Branding 50%

  • Programing 70%

  • Marketing 95%

  • Consulting 40%